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Why was the Campus Trust created?

Student Associations have always known and understood the benefits of working together. The Campus Trust was formed in 1998, by a group of like-minded student organizations. The student leaders were frustrated by the inconsistent rates they were paying for mediocre service and went in search of a better way to buy benefits.

After much discussion and investigation, the decision was made to form a legal trust that would provide ownership of benefit plans to member student organizations and help them buy the highest quality benefits at the lowest price possible. And so, the Campus Trust was born, giving student organizations a whole new way to buy benefits for their members.

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Student Association Students’ Association of Grande Prairie Regional College
Acadia Students' Union Mount Saint Vincent University Students’ Union
University of Prince Edward Island Student Union Inc.
Medicine Hat College Students’ Association Holland College Student Union
University Students' Council, The University Of Western Ontario
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