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Join The Campus Trust

Reasons to Join The Trust

  • The Trust is owned and governed by the students.
  • Participating Organizations have flexibility in the method of funding their premiums, and in turn paying for their benefits.
  • Each organization receives financial accounting reports that account for premiums paid, claims paid, expenses, reserves and investment income, to promote transparency .
  • An organization may take advantage of underwriting arrangements that are only available to large plans.
  • The Trust, through the Board of Trustees, creates an excellent and active peer network for a participating student association.

If you are interested in joining the Trust, or having the Trust perform a review of your current benefit plan(s), there are a few things that you will need to do. Contact our administrator:

Owen Ralph      owen_ralph@pbas.ca      1(800) 563-1930

Paul Tucker      paul_tucker@pbas.ca      1 (888) 404-6623

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