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Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Campus Trust different from other providers?

The Campus Trust is a viable alternative to typical student health and dental plans. Our not-for-profit structure means that profits stay in the pockets of the student organizations, which ensure a legacy of savings. Brokers sell packaged products whereas our plans are flexible so you get and pay for exactly what your students need. Unlike brokers, we empower you to take control of the direction of your student organization’s plan. Our belief is that by providing ownership of health and dental plans to student organizations, and giving them the support they need, they can make better and more cost-effective decisions for their members.

How competitive is The Campus Trust?

Our rates are right in line with or better than the competition. But we let you customize your plan so it meets the needs of your student population; you only pay for what you need. Where the real value comes in is with the reserves. Our size gives us access to great investment opportunities and any investment gains go back to our member organizations. Great prices, the exact benefits you want and you keep the profits, that simple.

How do we know you won’t increase our rates once we’ve locked into a contract?

Brokers will sell you on a good rate but often boost the rates once you’re locked into a contract. Not us. We are committed to providing stability in rates over time. Our independence allows us to shop around to ensure we are always getting the best value for our members. Plus, we never ask our members to sign contracts.

How long are your contract terms?

While signing a long-term contract may seem like it provides security and be less work, we tend to disagree. Long term contracts are beneficial to brokers. Once they have student organizations locked in, they can raise rates and skimp on service. The Campus Trust members are never required to sign a long term contract which means we work harder to earn your business every day.  Our student organizations are free to leave at any time, if they are unhappy. But they don’t. Our retention rate is close to 100% because the program works.

Is it true that your program means a lot of work for Administrators and Student Leaders?

Let’s face it. No one wants to think about renegotiating their health and dental benefits contract. Comparing all of the companies’ offerings to find the best match is daunting. Give us a call today and we will show you how easy we can make it for you to join The Campus Trust.

Why are health and dental benefits so confusing?

For many of us, administering health and dental plans is just a small part of our responsibilities. With so many providers and program options it can be a bit overwhelming. At The Campus Trust we aim to make it easy for student organizations to build a program that suits their needs for the long term. And then we support you every step of the way as you launch your new program. We employ experts to help guide our decisions.


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